1st News, developments

Well, this is the first news article here, I guess I gotta have something here so that it doesn't look too sparse.  Anyways, I'm happy to say that our web page is up and running, and several of our project is progressing well.

We have a few projects that includes:

#1. Cable, we have a new range of digital cable that will be ready soon.  From the prototypes we tested, we are even surprised ourselves about how good those coax and toslink cable are.

#2. Digital signal processing and high precision pre-amp projects are on track, and will offer exciting new products that can be used to upgrade existing setup of your system (including KECES products) as well as replacing some of the components in your system.

#3. New product development, well, all I can say is that we are pushing for the product to be fast-tracked.  It will compliment our product line and give you the buyer more option when you are deciding which product to go for.

I'm sorry I can't elaborate too much on the second and third point, but I can assure you that the result will be very exciting indeed.