Welcome everyone!

With our web store now fully operational, we now have time to
focus on our home page.  Please feel free to register and post on our
forum and voice your opinion and let us know what you think of our
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In case you have not known yet, we are the official reseller/distributor of:

KECES and IeGO Power

With products ranges from DACs, headphone amp/pre-amp, balanced isolation transformer, power cables, interconnects, high grade silver and copper electrical components.  We strive to bring you the best products with great value, and we will soon have more products to compliment our product line even more so.

Buy with the confidence that you will receive excellent support, and all your questions will receive the knowledgeable answer that you expect.

Please note that discount and other specials will be announced on our web page first, before it will be announced anywhere else, so be sure to check back often. :)
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